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What is Biomass

Biomass is a biological material derived from wood, grass or anything living or recently living. Biomass for energy means using this resource to develop energy and provide a sustainable, renewable source of power for businesses.

Why use biomass?

Biomass offers a renewable, low carbon fuel that is readily available throughout the UK. The installation of a free commercial biomass boiler and its usage will help reduce your carbon footprint and offer comprehensive savings.

Sustainable Option

Biomass offers a fully sustainable energy source. Developed from vegetation including trees, grass and green waste, the fuel is constantly regenerating to provide an endless source of energy.

About Think

Think Renewables are experts in the design and installation of free commercial biomass boilers. With nationwide coverage our team of biomass engineers can provide solutions for your requirements.


A recognised biomass installer we're happy to share some of our customer testimonials
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Our Offer

“Sustainable, efficient and delivering substantial savings”

Free feasibilty

Think will work with you to determine the most effective biomass solution for your business

Free Biomass Boilers

Market leading commercial biomass boiler for your business with no capital outlay

Free installation

Think project manage your entire installation from build to commissioning

Free Ongoing support

Serviced, maintained and remotely monitored for 20 years by Think Renewable Energy


With a Biomass Boiler from Think Renewable Energy you will enjoy the following benefits

Financial Savings

Typical savings of between 30-50% on oil and LPG fuel bills, and great savings on gas bills over 20 years

Low Fuel Costs

Biomass fuel costs are set to rise by around 3% while fossil fuel prices are expected to rise between 6 and 15% year on year

No Capital Outlay

Allow capital spend to be delivered to other areas of your business

Future Proofing

Safe guard your business against reduced availability and inflated cost of fossil fuels

Market Leading

Our range of tier one Biomass Boilers are recommended by our experts to provide a reliable solution specific to your business needs

Energy Efficient

95% efficiency optimising your fuel savings by getting the most out of your wood fuel

CSR & PR Opportunities

Biomass is one of the most effective carbon saving technologies & will help towards green credentials for your business

Competent support

Our remote monitoring and experienced engineers ensure any issues with your biomass system are quickly resolved

Think Renewable Energy

  • Leading installer operating throughout the UK
  • Our experienced design and installation team have commissioned over 200 Biomass Boiler Solutions
  • Experienced partnerships with tier one Providers

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